Main rules

  • Cars must be taken
  • If not we can use incasso company for get money of car and if it'll be not picked up from parking place within one week after arrival it costs € 15,- per day for parking
  • All costs of incasso, parking and aditional shipping costs must be paid by customer
  • If car has aditional damages, we must get photos of it within 48 hours, after it is no reclamation possible
  • All removeable things like tools, radio, storage systems and so on are not included
  • There is no guarantee for complete key set
  • Shipping costs must be paid always directly to driver when car arrives, doesn't matter if papers in stock or not

1. Registration:

1.1 Registration is available only for companies, each company will be checked by administrator due to contacting with company which is being registered.
1.2 For companies registration is for free.

1.3 Also available registration for individuals, but in special cases.

1.4 Registration for individuals costs 18 euro per month incl. VAT

1.5 If customer makes registration he must follow rules 2 - 5

2. Auction cars:

2.1 Each car is checked in Germany by experts of insurance.
Our company will give all information of damaged parts which are not shown exactly on photos.
2.2 We give no warranty for any damages, condition or options of cars. Cars are like on photos. Equipment like radio, navigation system, roof boxes and etc. are not included.

2.3 If car is driveable or engine is working, you will see that information in car review. If nothing is written, it means that it is not driveable, engine is not working or it was not checked.

2.4 Before end of auction it is possible to ask questions about car to administrator (Send Message from your profile)

2.5 All cars have German papers, if car comes from other country it will be written in review of the current car.

2.6 About number of keys or if service book is available we have no information. In case if information is availabless it will be written in review of current car.

2.7 If customer has got second or lower place (customer's bid was too low), he can write message to administrator with information of current car to find out which price was for first place.

2.8 It's not possible to make reclamation on not shown damages which are direct result of shown main damage.

3. Payment:

3.1 Bids for cars are valid for three weeks, we need that time to check bids (Only for customers with first places).

3.2 Bids are not valid on the second day after auction (only for customers with lower bids).

3.4 If customer gets first place (customer's bid was too low) and our administrator contacts him - it means customer has got current car.

3.5 During 2 weeks customer must take and pay for the car. (Available only after 3.4)

3.6 Car must be paid cash or via bank at delivery incl. shipping costs.

3.7 It is not possible to down price after end of auction.

3.8 Bidding for cars is for free

4. Stock Cars:

4.1 Stock cars will be not sold by auction, these cars are ready to sell without waiting time.

4.2 It is not possible to down price for stock cars.

4.3 Price of stock cars incl. shipping to any city of Lithuania.

5. Responsibility

5.1 Each customer responces for his company bidded prices (bidded prices from his account).

5.2 Customer must buy car if he has got first place and our administration has already contacted him.

6. Photos:

6.1 It is not allowed to download any photos or use them on other internet platforms. In that case customer will be kicked out of auction for ever (Ban)
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