About auction

Briefly about car auction

Our auction - is one of the "English auction" types. Car auction starts after setting the initial price of the car. One can offer the price for each car only once. Each participant can only see their own personal bet, because bets of other players do not appear in public. A customer who has offered the highest price will be informed via e-mail. If the owner is satisfied with the price offered for his car, he contacts the organizers of the auction and the car is sold for the winner of an auction.


If you are online, you can see the list of cars being currently sold. The list specifies the car model, brand, the first date of registration and the remaining time until the end of the auction. Clicking on the car you are interested in, you'll see all the information about the car. Important: Each car has its own unique code, and the cost of delivery to Lithuania (Shown in the upper part of the window). At the bottom of the window you will see the initial price of the car. When the price is chosen, you have to press the key - to offer.


This is a list of cars which have a fixed price. Many cars were used in Germany. To learn more about these cars or buy them - please call to Lithuania at number indicated in Contacts.


Registration can only be made by juridical persons, in exceptional cases by natural persons. Each registered company’s information will be checked in 48 hours (we keep the right to disapprove your registration). If the information is correct, you will receive the letter at your indicated e-mail with the confirmation of registration. Important: before registering learn about the rules and conditions of an auction.

My Profile

  • My Account -in this section you will be able to see your personal data.
  • My Bet - here you can see your bet, as well as how many cars you have won.
  • My Winnings – the section with your won cars.
  • Send Message - the feature designed to communicate with the auction manager.
  • Payments - to make a deposit and increase the bid limit.
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