1. Do prices (bids) of auction cars incl. VAT?
Yes, once you bidden - your price incl. VAT already.

2. Do prices of stock cars incl. shipping?
Yes, prices shown in review of car include shipping to any city of Lithuania.

3. How long do I have to wait if I have first place?
You must wait for 3 weeks.
If we don't contact you during that time, it means that owner does not want to sell his car for such price. If we did contact you, it means you got the car.

4. How fast can I get my won car?
As soon as you have got call and message from administrator you have one week to take your car.

5. How many bids can I give for each car?
You can give only one bid for each car.

6. Can I cancel my bid?
Yes, you can by writing message to administrator with full information about car.

7. Can I see bids of other companies?
No, you can't see them.

8. I am natural person, but I need account. What to do?
Firstly, register your profile.
Secondly, contact us by phone in Lithuania.
Thirdly, pay month payment which is 18 euro per month.

9. Is it possible to repair car with your help?
Yes, it is possible, we can offer you good prices of repairing. Contact us.

10. Is it possible to negotiate prices of Auction and Stock cars?
No, it is not possible.

11. Is it possible to order car? Can I do that?
Yes, it is possible.
You must register your company and if you can't find any appropriate cars for you, just write Message for administrator entering Order in the topic. If you want to order car without registration, just email us or call via phone in Lithuania.

12. Which languages should I use while contacting you?
It is possible to contact in Lithuanian, Russian, English and German languages.

13. Can I sell my own car in aukcionas.de auction system?
Yes you can, but you must pay 35 euro taxes for each sold car.

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